A MONUMENT FOR THE UNEXPECTED(it’s not down in any map; true places never are)

A collaboration between Kreuzberg Pavillon and ʃtaʦion

August 14, 2015:

Tonights´work is presented at Kreuzberg Pavillon and ʃtaʦion.

ʃtaʦion is a former ticket booth at Ostbahnhof, now used as a little 4 square meter project space, that started in March 2015 and will run for eight months. Its´program aims to tackle Berlin-specific issues such as urban transformation processes and consequently the process of social change, the "shrinking" of public spaces and the implications coming along with that.

You are invited to experience the variable dimensions of this collaborative presentation by following the line that leads the outside and links both spaces with the unexpected.

Photos: Kreuzberg Pavillon & ʃtaʦion

1b Kopie2 Kopie3 Kopie4 Kopie5 Kopie6 Kopie7 Kopie8 Kopie9 Kopie90 Kopie900 Kopiea monument for thekreide